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Sabato 25 e Domenica 26 Settembre vi aspettiamo per festeggiare insieme le "Giornate europee del Patrimonio"

Ingresso gratuito, obbligo Green Pass sopra ai 12 anni e Prenotazioni nominative obbligatorie al link:

Vi aspettiamo!

Vi aspettiamo per il tradizionale Concerto della vigilia, il 27 luglio ore 21.45 sul sagrato parrocchiale

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Music School

solfeggio Ever since its foundation, the band has had its own school with the goal of providing students with the musical skills necessary to appreciate the musical phenomenon in its entirety.

The courses are taught by qualified musicians and/or undergraduates of the music school, orchestra professors and performers who for each instrument follow the programmes necessary to enable students to be able to play in the band and to deepen, if required, their professional studies.

Classes are held from October 1st to May 31st at the premises of the band situated in the cottage adjoining the monumental greenhouse in the municipal park, in via Pallavicino, 39, Arenzano.

The final recitals of the students of the school take place at the end of the school year. Students have the opportunity to approach the study of their instrument of choice at no extra. cost. Indeed, the Music School provides an instrument on loan for use, on payment of any necessary deposit. Courses are held for the following instruments:



PERCUSSION: DRUMS Theory and Solfeggio

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