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Sabato 25 e Domenica 26 Settembre vi aspettiamo per festeggiare insieme le "Giornate europee del Patrimonio"

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Vi aspettiamo!

Vi aspettiamo per il tradizionale Concerto della vigilia, il 27 luglio ore 21.45 sul sagrato parrocchiale

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The Arenzano band tradition has its roots in the early decades of the twentieth century. At that time the "Giuseppe Verdi" band was the main institution of the town and for the families of Arenzano being able to boast a representative in the local band was a great source of pride (in the photo alongside the "G. Verdi" band in the town park).

After the war, for reasons that are unclear, the band broke up and some years later a folk group was formed in its place named "Sciuscia e scioppa" in the Genoese dialect whose bright costumes took after the seafaring tradition of Liguria. The 1960s were a true renaissance for Italian social life and the band of Arenzano was called on to represent the folklore of Liguria at many events held in Italy and abroad (in the photo below, the "Sciuscia e scioppa" at the carnival of Antibes 1962).


Later economic difficulties dampened the initial enthusiasm and " Sciuscia e scioppa” was forced to close down. Musical instruments were abandoned in the attic of an old villa in the town and every thought of a band was forgotten. In the early 1980s the town council tried to revive the band, if only to make use of the musical heritage that was lying unused, but finding players was more difficult than expected and the initiative did not go through. The hopes of being able to recreate the Arenzano band seemed lost forever.

However, in the 1990s a handful of former players of the "Giuseppe Verdi" and "Sciuscia e scioppa” called on the councillor responsible for culture for help in rebuilding the town band. This time the idea came from individual and not from the institution and it proved successful. It was a special moment for the town to gather around this group of amateurs to become aware of their history. To contribute to the project some of the families of former players provided the instruments once owned by their loved ones. The enthusiasm was huge and the initial group of players soon brought in new recruits. The town council of Arenzano did not miss the chance and in 1994, with a formal decision, officially recognised the musical association formed under the name of “Banda Musicale Città di Arenzano". The newly formed band first thought of continuing the classical repertoire of the "Giuseppe Verdi" band, but decided to give itself a lively look that not only mirrored the town’s colours (red and white cross of St. George, standard of the ancient Republic of Genoa), but also able to reflect the boldness and vitality of the "Sciuscia e scioppa. At the end of 2005, the band then took on the name of its founder and first president, Antonio Parodi.

The first band leader of the revival was Alessandro Scarafone who was followed, in chronological order by Antonio Bruzzo, Giorgio Verrina, Andrea Mineccia and Luigi Tedone. The latter, “first bassoonist" of the orchestra of the Carlo Felice theatre in Genoa, is the current conductor. In 2005 Maestro Verrina, an eclectic musician of great talent, died prematurely and each year in June the band remembers him with a specially dedicated memorial. Over the years many young people have joined the original group of musicians so that today there are 40 musicians in the band. Thanks to the support of the municipal administration, a school also operates within the association, where students can approach the study of music and more especially become familiar with their chosen instrument, available free of charge through a form of loan for use. From 1994 to today there have been many young people who, after having received the rudiments from the band, have decided to deepen their musical training by attending the Music School and then prepare to become professional musicians.

The musical group has performed in various cities such as: Fucecchio (FI), Barzio (Lecco), Cassinelle (AL), Farigliano (CN), Villesse (GO) and Blankenberge (Belgium). Since 2000 it has taken part every year at the International Music Festival (International Festival of Musical Bands). Their headquarters is situated in the small house near the monumental greenhouse, in the town park.

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